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Housing Law Program


The mission of LSEM's Housing Law Program is to preserve habitable and affordable housing and to remove barriers to housing.

LSEM's Housing Law Program represents low income individuals and families in all housing matters including landlord-tenant disputes, subsidized housing issues, and fair housing issues.

The Housing Law Program also represents homeless individuals in removing obstacles to obtaining housing, and advocates on behalf of those who are homeless.

LSEM's Housing Law Program may be able to assist you if:

  • You are being evicted from your rental dwelling (private housing, public housing, or other subsidized housing);
  • Your landlord failed to make repairs to your home;
  • You have a dispute with your landlord regarding your rent;
  • Your landlord is discriminating against you because of your race, disability, color, sex, religion, national origin, familial status, etc.;
  • Your landlord locked you out of your home;
  • Your gas, electric or water have been shut off by your landlord;
  • You are living in a dwelling that is being sold at a foreclosure sale;
  • A property manager denied your application for subsidized housing;
  • A housing authority denied your applicationfor Public Housing or Section 8;
  • A housing authority is terminating your Section 8 assistance or refusing to issue you a voucher;
  • You are having other problems with Public Housing or Section 8, such as the housing authority's failure to adjust your rent when your income changes, failure to add a family member to your voucher or failure to process your moving papers; or
  • A city or municipality has condemned your home or rental dwelling.

For additional information, please review our handbook, You and Your Landlord (PDF).


  • Susan Alverson, Co-Managing Attorney
  • Sarah Turner, Co-Managing Attorney
  • Jennifer Heggemann, Social Worker
  • Missy Showalter, Social Worker
  • Susan Spann, Paralegal

To open a printable pdf version of the Program Brochure, please click here.


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